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TMS320C6678: DDR3 configuration error on warm reset

Part Number: TMS320C6678


We recently updated the DDR3 RAM on our design from ISSI model IS43TR16128A to model IS43TR16128C because of obsolescence issues (they have the same specifications).

The DDR3 runs at 1333MHz and the old model "A" had no problems to correctly initialize.

The new model "C" however has a problem to re-configure the DDR3 memory after a warm restart. The first time the memory is configured it works fine. (It also works fine if it gets configured via a GEL file from CCS).

On a warm restart we also have active the PLL_REINIT_WORKAROUND in the IBL. In this scenario the PLLs get reconfigured before the DDR controller is reconfigured.

In this scenario the partial automatic leveling fails and the DDR_STATUS register returns 0x40000064, which indicates that the read DQS gate training and read data eye training timed out.

When the DDR3 PLL is lowered to operate at 1066MHz, the model "C" also start to work correctly without any errors.

We would like the DDR3 RAM to reliably operate at 1333MHz and not need to fall back to 1066MHz.

Do you any have advice for where to look for a solution?

Should we look at the leveling initialization values or is there some issue with re-configuring the PLLs before doing the DDR3 configuration?

Is there a method to hard reset the DDR3 memory controller and DDR3 RAM from software so that after the PLLs are configured the memory controller can be completely restarted?