• Resolved

CCS/EVMK2G: undefined reference to `_start'

Part Number: EVMK2G

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

I'm trying to build and run the simplest "hello_K2GEVM_CortexA" example.

If I compile the example, it builds but doesn't run properly.  It acts like its loading and running but does not break at main() and only gives the red terminate icon.

Thinking maybe its missing some startup code, I add "startup_ARMCA15.S" to the build and it gives the error " undefined reference to `_start' ".  Not sure that I need this file since the example builds without it, but since it doesn't run properly I'm just grasping at straws.

    LDR r10, = _start @ Get the address of _start    <<<==== offending line of code
    MOV lr,pc @ Dummy return
    BX r10 @ Branch to main
    SUB pc, pc, #0x08 @ looping