TMS320C6678: Indication of incoming Ethernet port (SGMII).

Part Number: TMS320C6678

I'm used the EVM 6678 with 2 Ethernet port configuration.
I want to know in my RX ISR from which SGMII the packet was got.
There is any indication in Cppi Host Descriptor?
I didn't found.
Thank advance,

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    Thanks for your patience.

  • In reply to Lalindra Jayatilleke:

    Please check the CPPI.h for Cppi_HostDesc structure to see if it contains the SGMII port information.

    Regards, Eric
  • In reply to lding:

    Hi, Eric.
    Of course, I checked the Host Descriptor structure before post my question.
    Are you mean this one:

    * @brief CPPI host descriptor layout
    typedef struct {
    /** Descriptor type, packet type, protocol specific region location, packet length */
    uint32_t descInfo;
    /** Source tag, Destination tag */
    uint32_t tagInfo;
    /** EPIB present, PS valid word count, error flags, PS flags, return policy, return push policy,
    * packet return QM number, packet return queue number */
    uint32_t packetInfo;
    /** Number of valid data bytes in the buffer */
    uint32_t buffLen;
    /** Byte aligned memory address of the buffer associated with this descriptor */
    uint32_t buffPtr;
    /** 32-bit word aligned memory address of the next buffer descriptor */
    uint32_t nextBDPtr;
    /** Completion tag, original buffer size */
    uint32_t origBufferLen;
    /** Original buffer pointer */
    uint32_t origBuffPtr;
    /** Optional EPIB word0 */
    uint32_t timeStamp;
    /** Optional EPIB word1 */
    uint32_t softwareInfo0;
    /** Optional EPIB word2 */
    uint32_t softwareInfo1;
    /** Optional EPIB word3 */
    uint32_t softwareInfo2;
    /** Optional protocol specific data */
    uint32_t psData;

    I don't see any information about SGMII incoming port.

    Also, I didn't found any mention about this issue in TI documentation.

    Most likely, I missed something, so I ask you to help me.

    Thanks in advance,