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CCS/TMS320C6657: C6657 mcsdk_02_01_02_06 evmdemo, modify cfg file, using more DDR3, cannot debug into main function

Part Number: TMS320C6657

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio


I am using C6657 and mcsdk for multcore develop, and faced a problem that debug mode cannot into main function.

So i run demo which from sdk, i am only modify cfg file in order to use more than 256M ddr. and the same problem happened.

Can you help?

modify  \ti\mcsdk_2_01_02_06\demos\hua\evmc6657l\evm.cfg

** Heap Management Module - Create a default Heap.
var HeapMem = xdc.useModule('ti.sysbios.heaps.HeapMem');
var heapMemParams = new HeapMem.Params();
heapMemParams.size = 235*1024*1024; //0xF4240;    /* 1Mb*/                <--------------  modify here to use more than 256M ddr, and demo cannot running into main function
heapMemParams.sectionName = "systemHeap";
Program.global.heap0 = HeapMem.create(heapMemParams);
Memory.defaultHeapInstance = Program.global.heap0;

/* Load the CSL package  - LoadPackage is equivalent to linking the library */
var Csl                         =     xdc.loadPackage('ti.csl');