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66AK2G12: creating boot image with .axf file

Part Number: 66AK2G12


My customer wants to know if .axf file (elf based executable generated by DS-5) can be converted into boot-able hex image by using C:\ti\pdk_k2g_<version>\packages\ti\boot\sbl\tools\out2rprc\bin\out2rprc.exe.

They would create their applications with DS-5 environment. In order to deploy the boot image by using standard SBL provided in PDK, they have to convert their application images (*.axf) into boot-able hex format by using the combination of out2rprc and MulticoreImageGen utilities. I believe there is no issue in MulticoreImageGen, but I`m wondering if out2rprc could accept axf file as a valid input. Can you comment ?

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    Tsvetolin Shulev
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    Hi, What is your response on this ?

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    As per my understanding, the out2rprc tool is used to convert .out to .bin files. If the format of .out and .axf(elf) are different then axf files are invalid input to out2rprc tool.

    Thank you.

    Rajasekaran K
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  • Kawada-san,

    We have not tested out2rprc utility using .axf files but I beleive as long as the format follows the standard ELF binary format defined, there should be no issues parsing the binary format. different IDE use different extension format but the resulting binary generated using GCC compiler for the A15 is in the same ELF binary format.

    Out2rprc has been test with ELF binaries created with TI ARM compiler, GNU ARM compiler and we have not had any issues reported. Please try it and let us know if you run into any issues.


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    Hi Rahul-san,

    Ok, understood. I`ll suggest the same to the customer.

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