Linux/TCI6636K2H: mpmcl

Part Number: TCI6636K2H

Tool/software: Linux

Hi everyone.I have some questions about mpmcl. I developed a simple code to use part of  DDR3A for DSP side ( I show my problem in a simple code). I used 512M of DDR3A for linux and the remaining area for DSPs (512M as shares between all of them and 128M as private for each of them). I also set the mem_reserve parameter in U-boot with 1536M. My purpose is to implement the same code in 8 DSPs, so I used mpax to map a logical address to physical address. my code has worked in CCS but it did not work with mpmcl (it gave error -104). I know that I must change the memory map in mpmconfig.json and k2h-evm.dtb and I did it like below but it did not work too. please help me with this problem.tnx 

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