CCS/EVMK2GX: Correct settings for Target and Platform in project for running PDK examples

Part Number: EVMK2GX

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio


I'm currently running different PDK-Examples (specifically McASP) on the EVMK2GX Development Board. When I build the example projects in CCS v8 using the predefined Target-settings, they work. However, these presets don't make a lot of sense to me. They are "Generic C64x+ Device" for Device Variant and "ti.platforms.evmTCI66AK2G02" for Platform.

When I select "66AK2G12" as Device Variant, I can only select "ti.platforms.evmC66AK2E" for Platform and this leads to the examples failing at runtime when trying to set up EDMA and McASP.

The How-To guides don't seem to address this issue in CCS v8, so if someone could explain to me, how to properly set up a new CCS-project for the EVMK2GX, that would be very appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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