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TMS320C6657: Do you have any library or sample code of C66x CPU diagnostic test for Safety SIL3 certification ?

Part Number: TMS320C6657



Now developing a controller with C665x and considering to get IEC61508 SIL3 certification at system level. Actually, the current system has been certified SIL2 by two chip solution using main CPU and DSP. It needs to upgrade from SIL2 to SIL3 in the next model by using main CPU and C665x.


  1. Do you have any idea to realize “Medium(90%)” diagnostic coverage described in the below table A.4 for C66x CPU ?

    A self-diagnostic function has to be implemented on each CPU, main CPU and C66x. According to the system analysis, it has to meet “Medium” in the table A.4 below. 

  2. We want to diagnose all instruction sets of C66x CPU and want to know how to realize it. However, we don’t want to create these test codes by ourselves.

    Does TI have any library or sample code for these diagnostic tests ? On the Hercules platform, a kind of BIST is available for user. Is it possible to help them and offer any special way, document, software lib or anything ?

The system has some different MCUs/MPUs/DSPs, and they’re considering to realize SIL3 by main CPU and C665x. In this case, they have to implement a self-diagnostic function to each CPU. According to the system analysis, they have to meet “Medium” in the below table for each CPU.


In the above table, there are 2 ways for “Medium”, “Self-test by software : walking bit” and “Self-test supported by


The below is detail description for the, but it doesn’t tell so much detail.

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