Linux/EVMK2G: How to use audio daughter card with K2G?

Part Number: EVMK2G

Tool/software: Linux


i want to use all the input and output in Audio daughter card.

I am using linux OS came with K2GEVM

I am not able to control input and output of the audio daughter card.

infact the example shown with audio expansion also not working..

Please help..


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    Tsvetolin Shulev
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    Please give response for the thread
  • In reply to Sagar Lakhani:

    Hello Sagar,

    What version of the SDK are you using? Could you clarify which example you are talking about?

  • In reply to Nick Saulnier:

    The version of processor SDK which i am using on ubuntu is ti-processor-sdk-linux-k2g-evm-

    and the OS version which came with K2G is Linux k2g-evm 4.1.18-gcae04217c4.

    yes the example image is given below

  • In reply to Sagar Lakhani:

    Hello Sagar,

    Are you running any example code that you expect to stream audio from an input ADC to an output DAC? If so, what code are you running? What errors are output to the terminal?

  • In reply to Nick Saulnier:

    I am not running any example code here, The example given in the brochure simply says, connect ADC input 1 to audio input and DAC output 1 to speakers. And i am not getting any output.

    This is the only example i have got from all the TI , and no other references on audio daughter card.

    I must say i am disappointed for the lack of documentation.

    Can you please tell me how to use audio daughter card and control its input audio ADC and output audio DAC?

  • In reply to Sagar Lakhani:


    Sorry for the delay in getting to this. The audio daughter card setup is mostly used by users of these platform who are using the Performance audio software which comes with licensed IP. the general broad market use case for this is to be used as a platform to test multi-channel audio functionality. Due to the limitation of proprietary framework and licensed content in the software, the documentation and collateral for some of these components need a business approval and reaching out to our third party partners.

    As part of opening up this to a broader set of customer, we currently plan to add the Performance audio demo without the licensed content to provide as a starting point. This demo will be available in the Processor SDK RTOS 5.0 which is currently under system test. I will add a note when the release is available. If you have any questions regarding the engagement model, I recommend that you reach your local TI contact and have the request forwarded to the business teams.


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