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EVMK2H: A question about EVMK2H boot modes

Part Number: EVMK2H


Recently I bought the EVMK2H and can run some simple project which I ran on 6678 before like Client, Hello world and Image Processing.

Now I faced with some problems that confused me. I use these softwares:

CCS v7.4.0



my qustions:

1. What is the differences between mcsdk and processor_sdk_rtos? 

2. How can I build Bin file for EEPROM, SPI and Ethernet boot mode for DSP and ARM(single stage or multi stage)? I know I should use C6000 and ARM code generation tools but I don't know how should I convert and which tools I should use for each boot mode.

3. Can I compile all projects even ARM on windows or I must use linux? for example if I want to change and build u-boot and program it, have to use linux os?

4. for now my target is building the Matrix project and load as u-boot on SPI flash. But I don't know where can I find this project and how I should compile and make bin file for SPI.

If you can introduce me any tread which can help, I will be appreciate.