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EVMK2H: SOC Power Failure

Part Number: EVMK2H

Hi to all

I bought the EVMK2H and was working with, till today between my tests, I faced with SOC Power Failure on LCD screen. My EVM version is Rev 40 (A104-1).What should I do exactly? my BMC version is and think no need to be updated. But I don't know should I update UCD? if yes, Please tell me what should I do step by step?

Thanks a lot.

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    Hi all
    I have SOC power failure yet. I bought the EVM but can not work with. Please help me. I waited for your help last week. Please help me because I need your help.
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    I programmed "UCD9090_104_A04_TI_30%_20151120" with TI Fusion Design and saw voltage sequence as the below picture.

    As the 6th page in schematic(Power_Sequence), I expect "VCC3V3_AUX" be the first voltage after "VCC12", but in the below picture, as you can see, two voltage ("VCC1V8" & "CVDD") raised before "VCC3V3_AUX" and I think this is wrong. Are you sure about the "UCD9090_104_A04_TI_30%_20151120.XML" ? 

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    Did you pull the files from the links provided in the wiki page?  The WIKI page was updated last year to make it explicitly point to the proper files.  (Different tabs on the Advantech web pages contain older file versions that are not valid for the update.)  Here is the WIKI link again:


    Below are several recent E2E threads where customers had the same observation that you do.  Proper file version and configuration and Python tool version are needed to make this work properly:



    Tom Johnson
    Hardware Applications Engineer
    Embedded Processors

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    Hi Tom

    Thanks for help. I decide to run all steps again to explain what I do for programming UCDs step by step. Please tell me if I do wrong any step in my programming. 


    1. I download python-2.7.5.amd64.msi" from this link : and install by double click on windows 7 64 bit.

    2. Download "pyserial-2.6.tar.gz" from this link  and extract.

    3. Download "BMC_EVMK2K_1_0_2_6-20160330" from this link  and extract.

    4. Download the latest configuration files (txt files) from this link:  and extract.

    5. Open CMD and change directory to pyserial download folder.

    6. Install pyserial with this command in CMD: C:\Python27\python.exe setup.py install

    7. Change directory to "python bmc_tool.py" folder(../BMC_EVMK2K_1_0_2_6-20160330\ks2evm-bmc-v1.0.2.6\bmc_tool). (I checked the line 239 and it is 256)

    8.  Make sure that the mini-usb cable is plugged into the port on the base board. (and not connected to the daughter card) And I am sure that no other program is connected to the BMC serial port.

    9. Launch the BMC Tool. From the directory of the bmc_tool.py file, give the following command: "python bmc_tool.py". I have COM7 and COM8 port and I selected COM8. 

    10. Turn on the EVM with plug in power cable to DC_IN1 jack. (Boot mode= No boot)

    11. Click the open button and select "UCD9090_104_A04_TI_30%_20151120.txt" and click the execute button.

    12. I saw "Finished sending all commands" window and hit ok to close it.

    13. Close bmc_tool, unplug power cable and turn the board off.

    14. Repeat my work from step 9 again two times for programming "UCD9244_52_A05.txt" and "UCD9244_78_A04.txt" respectively.

    After That I hit Get Versions and see this

    I have my own problem yet.

    Some times shows on start up after clocks register test :

    [00:00:02] SOC PWR Start Complete
    [00:00:02] SOC RST Begin
    [00:00:02] Current BootMode is set to DSP No-Boot
    [00:00:02] SOC RST Complete
    [00:00:02] BOOT COMPLETE

    [00:00:03] Error: SOC_POWER_GOOD signal has de-asserted. Shutting down soc power.

    [00:00:03] Full Reset Begin
    [00:00:03] Full Reset Complete
    [00:00:03] POR Begin
    [00:00:03] POR Complete
    [00:00:03] SOC PWR Stop Begin
    [00:00:04] SOC PWR Stop Complete

     and some times shows:

    [00:00:04] Failed
    [00:00:04] EVM setup has encountered the following error: The signal SOC_POWER_
    GOOD has failed to assert
    [00:00:04] SOC PWR Stop Begin
    [00:00:04] SOC PWR Stop Complete
    [00:00:04] HWDBG is set to ON, evm setup will now halt.
    [00:00:04] To alter this behavior, please use the hwdbg command.

    I have no idea any more. Do I wrong step? Please help me.