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DDR3 on 6678 EVM

Is there a BOM available somewhere for the 6678 EVM?  In particular what's the part number for the DDR3?


  • The BOM is not yet available for the C6678 EVM.  The C6678 EVM is designed to support a full 72-bit memory topology (includes ECC bits) using JEDEC-compliant DRAM devices.  It is implemented using x16 DRAM devices for the data and either a x16 or a x8 DRAM device for the ECC memory.  Initial EVMs will be populated with 1Gb or 2Gb DRAMs from Samsung, Micron or Elpida.  Possible part numbers are SAMSUNG K4B2G1646C-HCH9 or Elpida EDJ1116BBSE-DJ-F.


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