CCS/BIOSLINUXMCSDK: import the NDK helloworld to ccsv5


Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

I have rebuild the ndk

However when i import the copy_ndk,i can't find the project

See the attachment.

I followed the TI document's steps.

I have no idea.

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  • Hi Nancy,

    I've forwarded this to the CCS experts. Their feedback should be posted here.

    Tsvetolin Shulev
  • In reply to Cvetolin Shulev-XID:

    section 1.1.5 in spru523h says :
    The NDK examples have been moved to the NDK Support Package (NSP), which you download
    separately from the NDK. The NSP contains Ethernet driver code, libraries and network examples for
    various TI platforms. It is meant to supplement the Network Development Kit (NDK), which consists of the
    platform-independent networking code. For some platforms, the Ethernet driver and network examples are
    provided in the SDK for that platform.
    Is that the reason why i can't import the helloworld prj?
  • Hi, sorry for the delay, this ticket somehow fell through the cracks. Typically when a project is imported, it is copied to the CCS workspace. And by default, the CCS workspace is placed under C:\users\<your name>\workspace_vX.X\<project name>. You may have moved the workspace to another location however. At least this is what I think you're asking. With regard to the libs that are created when you rebuilt the NDK, you would find them in /lib folders such as C:\ti\ndk_2_21_02_43\packages\ti\ndk\stack\lib.
  • In reply to Nancy Wang:

    Did that help? Another thing you can do if you need the package to appear in the "Products and Repositories" list under Project Properties->General->RTSC, is to click the "Add" button and supply the path manually.

    If there's nothing else, let's close this ticket.