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TMS320C6670: CSL example for EDMA3 on C6670

Part Number: TMS320C6670


If one might be looking for CSL example for EDMA3 on C6670, there is no such an example in PDK folder. In fact only AIF example is there. Perhaps, C6670 users were expected to install C6678 PDK as well, because EMDA example is there. I was too optimistic to not install *unnecessary* PDK.

Hope this helps more than me alone.

  • Hi,

    Perhaps, C6670 users were expected to install C6678 PDK as well, because EMDA example is there.

    I think you're correct.
    I'm forwarding this to the RTOS team to elaborate.

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  • C6670 is not supported in the Processor SDK RTOS baseline. C6670 was designed for communication infrastructure applications which is currently supported with the MCSDK 2.x baseline.

    there is no CSL based example for C6670 devices as far as I know. There is an EDMA example for this device in the EDMA LLD that you can use as starting point. Can you check if this works for you:


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  • In reply to Rahul Prabhu:

    Hello Rahul,

    Thank you for comment. I should be stated clearly I was with MCSDK. You know, I wrote several times my frustration about the way TI treats C6670 comparing to C6671/2/4/8. That's always with me, so I did not mentioned MCSDK.

    If we get back to the topic, MCSDK comes with PDKs for number of processors. For me I have installed just C6670 PDK and then stuck looking for examples. I believe CSL support for EDMA is same between C6670 and C6678, as packages\ti\csl\src\ip\edma\ folder in both PDKs contains exactly same files. The only difference is that C6678 PDK provides example, but C6670 PDK provides no. So my comment was for those developers who struggle same as me. My message literally is "install C6678 PDK to have examples, even if you use just C6670".

    As to EDMA LLD, that looks too heavy. In our design we don't have multiple masters, we don't load DSP with host data, instead, we need precise tuning on chaining. I guess, these are just the conditions, where developers should opt for CSL.

    Hope that helps more than me alone.