DM365 EVM component video display problem

Dear Support,

I m not able to get the video output on my TV using the dvsdkdemo. As per the demo, i should be getting an image of a remote control on the screen. I do get the image but it is not stil image i.e. the video keeps winding over the screen. Attaching a screenshot:

Looks like some timing/resolution issue.

Setup details:

Default LSP that comes with EVM version version 2.10 ... MVL based LSP

Using a normal analog CRT TV connected using COMPONENT interface. I m assuming that i can connect non-HD TV to the component output.

Default mode of 480P-60 was giving lot of flicker ... after changing it to 576P-50 ... the flicker was reduced as shown above in the img.

I ve tried using composite cable as well with same result. Tried NTSC and PAL options as well (by using relevant bootargs).

Kindly advise/help.



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  • Based on the video driver code in kernel tvp7002.c (MVL kernel repo), it seems that SDTV support is not available in the driver. I saw all the HDTV modes in the driver code but none for SDTV. Can someone please confirm?