TMS320DM365: Linux/TMS320DM365: TMS320DM365: TCP packet interpreter program, third thread

Part Number: TMS320DM365

The last thread can be found here:

I'm posting again because that one was locked without my question being answered.

I'll just paste what I wrote in the other thread bellow.

"I have a program that sends TCP packets through ethernet over USB to the DM365 where they are interpreted and then sent to an fpga. I now want to place an equivalent code inside the DM365 itself to bypass the ethernet over USB communication since it takes too long. Where can I find this interpreter application, and instructions on how to establish communication from DM365 to fpga?

The dm365 is part of the control of a dmd (lightcrafter). The code I have can load 96 images at a time into the board (sequence limit in the mode i want to use, which allows up to 4kHz switch rate).
The problem is that i want to project over 10000 images at that rate, but loading the images into the board takes 2s, which disables me from doing it this way.
Therefore I want to try run the image generaring code inside the dm365 in order to circumvent the loading delay. For this i need to know:

1- how the dm365 manipulates the tcp packets,

2- how it communicates the result to the fpga to which it is connected."

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