TI announced new reference design built around DM-8127.

Does anyone knows where this chip documentation can be found?

Especially interesting - what is the power consumption?

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  • The best place to get information about this specific device is through your local sales or FEA channels.

    A broad market derivative device is documented on the TI product folder (DM8148).

    Power requirements vary drastically based on use case, likely between 1W and 2.5W for heavy use cases.



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    Can we then assume that coding for the DM8127 would be equivalent to the DM8148 in all essential respects. More specifically if we develop code using the DM8168 EVM and ensure that we respect the limitations of the DM8148, will it run on the DM8127?

    Is the DM8127 and DM8148 equivalent at the register map level?



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    I just wanted to give some context for our questions.

    We are interested in imaging/video applications that are more general than surveillance but we think at least for now  the hardware side of the IP cam reference design should be adequate so that we can focus on the software side. That is why we would like to know how compatible the DM8127 is with the DM8148 which suits our purposes nicely and is what TI have provided datasheets for.  We are not only interested in developing application level codecs but also framework level code (something like gstreamer but more efficient in resources).

    Also I thought of asking these questions here rather than through local TI sales contact in case the answers might be of interest to others.



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    Dear Shyjan,

    I can add that our local distributor (and I suppose it is common TI problem) can not provide me with this information - not about the 8127 features and not about compatibility.

    The only availbale way to get the clarifications is to address the TI's guys via the forum!



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    Still have no more information about DM8127. And the Appro had build a IPCam using DM8127.