can create 2 h264 decoders at the same time, in a dm365 application???


   in my application of dm365, the resolution video to be decoded would be cif and d1,

and i do not want to recreate the decoder when the resolution changed. so, i would like

to create a cif h264 decoder and a d1 h264 decoder, and use them by turns when the

resolution changed.

  is this work??? when i create 2 h264 decoder at a same time , the decoder  output is not


    thank you for your help!!


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  • Your approach should work fine. If you have enough memory in system to satisfy the needs of both the instances, there should be no problem. What is the error you are getting ? Also, resolution change should be triggered by SPS. So I assume with every resolution change, the bitstream pointer you are passing to the designated instance has SPS and PPS in it.