• Resolved


Part Number: DM388

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

Following are the problems faced with TMDSCSK388;

      i.        CCS Issue (on Windows): CCS 7.1.0 is installed in the system. DM388 CSK Hardware diagnostics project obtained/downloaded from Ti, is imported into CCS. While configuring the target we are unable to find DM388 nor TMDSCSK388 from board or device list.   

    ii.        Boot Up Issue : Based on the user guide, the TMDSCSK388 is set up. Unable determining Board IP Address . In TeraTerm after setting the serial port option,  Boot up is not happening its showing " CCCCCCCC " continues  in tera term window. No boot up and  not getting RTSP links. The SD Card received along with the board is inserted in the card slot.

   iii.        Boot Up with New SD card: The prebuilt binaries from the IPNC RDK 3.9.0 package is flashed on the new micro-SD by followed the Prepare SD Card steps form Boot Setup for CSK. Replacing the  SD card received along the board with new SD card did not solve the issue, no boot up with new SD card also.

I request you to support me to resolve above issues