How using the L2RAM of C674x DSP in IPNC


I used the IPNC of APPRO Corp.

Now, I want to allocate a memory in L2RAM of DSP.

I find in the file "config_512M.bld" have the following code:

And in the file "BIOS_c6xdsp.cfg" have the following code:

So I write my code in the file "vaLink_alg.c" as follow:

However, when I make the program, have errors as follow:

What should I do if I want to use the L2RAM of DSP?

Thank you.


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    Thank you for your fast reply.

    I am not sure if a transfer on the same channel is in progress. The IPNC code only define the EDMA channel in the line 27 of the file vaLink_priv.h.

    However I find the use of EDMA in the function VaLink_algCopyFrames() in line 2388 of the file vaLink_alg.c.

    If it monopolize the EDMA source?

    Could you give me some suggestions for using the EDMA in IPNC code.