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TMS320DM8148: ARM CPU performance of DM8148

Part Number: TMS320DM8148

Hello, TI Experts,

Our customer sent us a question about Processing performance between DM8148 and AM5728.


They are planning to use AM5728 for next product.

And their current mass-production system uses DM8148.

So, they are investigating how much rise the AM5728 ARM processing performance from DM8148.

And they found related wiki as below;




  Is it OK to refer "am335x-evm" as the ARM-A8 performance of DM8148(1GHz) in Linux Kernel System Benchmarks on this wiki?

  They thought the ARM-A8 performance is not so different between AM3358(1GHz) on "am335x-evm" and DM8148(1GHz).


If there are any comment/notice, please tell us.


Best regards,