Capture_encode demo in EzSDK5_05 for DM8148 EVM


I am using EzSDK5_05 for DM8148 EVM. I am trying to run capture_encode demo on EVM.

I have tried 720p and 1080p resolution with this demo and it's working perfectly fine. But I am not able to run it for 1080i60 resolution.

I gave following command,

./capture_encode_a8host_debug.xv5T -o sample.h264 -m 1080p -f 30 -b 1000000 -d 0 -n 1000

Is the above input parameters OK ?

what would be the issue with 1080i60 ? I have attached Log for the same. 2021.teraterm.Log

Seeking quick response.

Thanks in advance,

Shabbir Limdiwala

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