Linux/TMS320DM8148: Interlaced video capture ignoring Field information.

Part Number: TMS320DM8148

Tool/software: Linux

Hi -

I am having 2 issues with capturing interlaced video. 

We are using 5_05_02_00

1) When capturing interlaced video from an interlaced camera, the fields are swapped (see photos below) 

2) When capturing interlaced video from a progressive camera, the progressive video captured shows interlaced effects. This indicates that the capture hardware is mixing fields from successive frames.  e.g.  Bottom field from frame X, combined with Top field from frame X+1

On initial capture of video, our customer has found that the field issue can be present, or not present.  With about a 10 minute period, the effect will come and go.

This issue was seen when capturing interlaced video from a Sony FCB 6300 in 1080I60.  This is a progressive sensor camera. This should not show interlaced effects.  I have verified with an O-scope that the FLD signal is toggling every Vsync.  I have also verified that the driver is setting the proper field setting with IOCTL_VPS_CAPT_SET_STORAGE_FMT - see snapshot at the very bottom.

This issue was also seen by a customer using PAL video through a TVP51510 capture.  The customer camera is a progressive sensor that they convert to interlaced video.  When they view the video on a monitor, they do not see interlaced effects.  When we capture this video through TVP5150 this should not show interlaced effects.

I have taken an NTSC camera and run it through our product that deinterlaces the video (overwrites Bottom Field with Top Field).  This means that within a single frame, the Top and Bottom fields will be the same.  I have verified that the resulting deinterlaced NTSC video does not show interlaced effects on a monitor.  When this is captured by the TVP5150+DM8148 I can see interlaced effects that come and go over about a 10 minute period.

I am hoping you can point me to the (M3?) code where the Field information is processed, maybe there is a patch for this issue?

Best Regards, Steve 

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