Linux/DM388: Using CSC RDK IPNC 3.9.1 with Appro DM388 - IMX172 platform

Part Number: DM388

Tool/software: Linux

We have a platform that is derived from the Appro DM388 IMX172 platform (  This platform is quite similiar to the CSK IPNC platform and we would like to upgrade our system to the CSK IPNC 3.9.1 release.  However, when we try to start up the system booting from NAND flash, we find that u-boot stage 1 will not bring up stage 2 because the C global RAM space is not initialized to 0.  After adding code to initialize it (again), u-boot stage 2 starts up but hangs as soon as the mmu is enabled.  If the code that enables the mmu is commented out, u-boot stage 2 does start up and reads the environment variables correctly from NAND but memory is not mapped correctly and we are not able to start the kernel.  Any suggestions?