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TMDXEVM8148: Do I have to build and install Syslink ?

Part Number: TMDXEVM8148

Good day to u,

I want to create an application in CCS v5.5 for the TMDXEVM8148 that will be able to detect some faces and match them with a database.

So I have in mind using Syslink to be able to communicate between the ARM processor and the DSP. My plan is that ARM will "send" the image to the DSP that will do some black magic woodoo and return the result.

So my question is do I have to build Syslink and install it ?

Because what i don't understand is that on my target when i do lsmod, the module Syslink is already here: :(

Module                  Size  Used by
bufferclass_ti          4950  0
omaplfb                10794  0
pvrsrvkm              155618  2 bufferclass_ti,omaplfb
tlc59108                1545  0
ti81xxhdmi             17685  0
ti81xxfb               21979  1
vpss                   74936  3 omaplfb,ti81xxhdmi,ti81xxfb
syslink              1133911  0
ipv6                  214095  16

Btw I'm on ubuntu 10.04, with EZSDK

Hoping that I'm clear enough,

Thx in advance,