About v4l2 capture drvier in dm816x-evm5_03_01_15

hdvpss v4l2 frimware name: dm816x_hdvpss_v4l2.xem3

I have a question about v4l2 capture drvier. I try to work tvp5147 on videoin1 , but not work.

1. Video standard of tvp5147 support NTSC/PAL. 1080P,1080I and 720P is not support.
   The capture driver support NTSC/PAL input ?

2. Tvp7002 was work on videoin0. Video output format is 20-bit 4:2:2 outputs with Embedded Syncs.
   Did the capture drvier support Separate Syncs ( Embedded Sync disabled ) ?
   Beause if tvp5147 is not work, I try to work SiI1161 device.

I refered DM81xx_AM38xx_Video_Capture_Driver_User_Guide.
The following support list is V4L2 capture driver supports following features.

Supports VIP0 instance of the VPSS.
Supports TVP7002 standard Linux sub device driver.
Supports YUV422 interleaved, YUV422 semiplanar, YUV420 semiplanar and RGB888 color formats to memory.
Supports scaling and cropping for YUV formats (downscaling only)
Supports 1080P60, 1080P30, 1080I60 and 720P60 input resolutions.
Supports user pointer buffer mechanism of the V4L2 driver interface.


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