USB device interface on EVM?

Is there a way to coax a USB device interface on the EVM (TMDXEVM8168)?  The chip supports host or device, but the connectors would not seem to accommodate.

I'm looking for *any* way to get a single device interface.  Any ideas?

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  • Hello,

    The EVM has 2 working USB ports so can you please clarify your question ?


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    The EVM has two functional *host* ports, accessible via "A" type connectors.  I want the EVM to be a USB *device*, so it could (for instance) connect as a peripheral to the USB port on a PC.

    The processor can do it, but I don't see how to access that functionality on the EVM.

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    There is a HW limitation wrt dynamically switching from Host to Device on the USB ports on EVM.  The HW detection capability is not present and therefore you have to choose either HOST or DEVICE in SW.  Let me know if this answers the question.


    Release Notes : latest PSP that is part of EZSDK has "Concurrent usage of one port as USB host and other port as USB device (refer USB Userguide for details".

    PSP Users Guide:

    PSP USB Users Guide:


    Hardware Limitation (Not supported feature) DM816X

    • multipoint/hub support (applicable for PG1.X) : The multipoint support in musb controller IP is disabled. Due to this limitation only one usb device can be connected to one usb port and HUB cannot be supported.
    • OTG Support : This limitation is due to the external USB-ID pin from the USB connector is not pinned out of SoC. The USB-ID pin (or iddig pin) is made software configurable to configure the controller as host mode (iddig = 0) or device mode (iddig = 1). Hence dynamic iddig pin sensing based on external USB cable connector is not possible.

    DM816X USBx_ID pin configuration

    • The USB0_ID/USB1_ID pin is always configured through software in DM816X silicon revisions. This configuration is done by chosing appropriate configuration through USBx_ID menuconfig selection. more information refers to USB Configuration Page
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    To make EVM as usb device mode (usb0 instance), please configure the kernel for USB-Device mode with CDC/RNDIS (as builtin) or File storage gadget as module and connect EVM to PC using A to A cable, You need load gadget module if it has built as module.


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