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#define DERIVEDSTRUCT(a, b) typedef struct a a;


I am using DM8168. During my work with OMX i notice the following macro to define structs:

#define STRUCT(a) typedef struct a a; \
 struct a {
#define DERIVEDSTRUCT(a, b) typedef struct a a; \
 struct a {
#define ENDSTRUCT(a) a##_FIELDS };

I am workling with SlickEdit as IDE and it doesn't recognize this struct macro as is and cannot tag it as a struct .. thus, when using variable defined that struct type, i cannot access the struct fields (struct.field or pstrcutpointer->field) using the IDE

This is very very annoying... is there anyway to avoid this? can i configure SlickEdit to recognize this? Will Eclipse IDE recognize it? Or should I change these macros to use regular structs?