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For DVR & IPNC support, please contact local FAE and sale.



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  • Dear Viet,

    Input (Component) signal connected from DVD player to system and then user press the record button in GUI on DVR RDK 8168, video streaming will be stored to Hard disk. Once record button stop, video will not be stored. Later recorded video will be copied from SATA to USB when user select the backup storage in GUI.

    Now, i want that instead of SATA, use store video in NAND Flash when recording. Can you mail me which file .c has to change the option for NAND Flash?

  • In reply to Balaji Govindarajan:

    Hello Balaji,

    For the new issues open a new e2e topic.

    SInce you are using DVRRDK it would be  better to contact your local FAE for support or to search in the e2e for similar issue.

    You could check here also:




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  • I compile your C++ files as a library using a CCS project and then link the library with the fina DVRRDK_04.01.00.02.

    If there is C++ class global objects or static class object in the C++ files, execute run_nvr.sh, SYSTEM: can not Attaching to [DSP]

    [c6xdsp ] Remote Debug Shared Memory @ 0xbf000000
    [m3video] Remote Debug Shared Memory @ 0xbf010820
    [m3vpss ] Remote Debug Shared Memory @ 0xbf021040
    [m3vpss ] 2035: SYSTEM: Attaching to [DSP] ...
    [m3vpss ] 3035: SYSTEM: Attaching to [DSP] ...
    [m3vpss ] 4035: SYSTEM: Attaching to [DSP] ...
    [m3vpss ] 5035: SYSTEM: Attaching to [DSP] ...