Utility to program EDID data of EEPROM (VC daughter card)


Is there any utility to program EDID data of SII9135 ?

We need to modify the default pre-programmed EDID data to support a specific capture requirement of a camcorder.

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  • Check whether there is an EDID EEPROM populated or not. The EDID EEPROM will be in socket U7 close to the HDMI input connector.

    If there is no EEPROM in this socket then the camera is likely defaulting to the lowest resolution mandated  format.

    This EEPROM, even if it is populated, is not programmable from the system board I do not believe, so would need to be programmed either externally or by pulling the EEPROM WP line low then using the HDMI connector's DDC lines to program the EEPROM.



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