Getting Started with DaVinci

A good starting point for the Davinci™ digital media processors is DVEVM and DVSDK overview.

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    yeah I do get that o/p[***]

    Its better to be a fool for a minute rather than being foolish and ignorant for rest of the career![*-)]

  • while multithreaded debugging, can not step into thread where a breakpoint is setted, why?????? 

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    what tool are you using to debug?

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    hello again,

    This is a second or third request for a more 'direct' solution to fixing or just 'updating' my 2006 PMP (DSP TMS320DM270). Over the past couple years i learned that COBY, MemUp, and a few other vendors/sellers of this unit refuse to acknowledge Ti and the older PMP line.

    Looking around the Ti website(s), i cant find enough info on the early DSP for these units. I dont' have any idea what tools will work or not.

    My hope is that someone here can actually step-up and help solve the rediculous $300 dollar problem(s) that several hundred (even thousands) of PMP owners are in need of. I have some experience in programming and even electronics, but I have yet to 'seed', d/l and modify the OS on this thing.

    If there is a working (stable) OS out there, please let me know, or PLEASE help me find the answers and tools I need to do the job myself. I believe it has the Cyruss USB chip and a 2MB flash but, I don't have a working Ti binary complier or any Ti tools for that DSP.

    If anyone has knowledge to actually pointing the way to the truth, I can honestly say that; me and atleast a thousand others would be truley greatful!

    Thanx Again,

    Las Vegas, Nevada
    July 2010

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    Hi Bernie Thompson!

    Thanks you for your contribution! I highly appreciate your IT acknowledge. Hope you share more interesting and useful links in IT field.

    Best wish!