OMAP and DaVinci Software for Dummies

The new "OMAP and DaVinci Software For Dummies" book has arrived!

Explore Texas Instruments’ OMAP & DaVinci processors to create your next cool product:

  • These programmable devices provide the best of a hybrid world — a general purpose processor and a digital signal processor.
  • This guide shows you how to architect your software to make optimal use of the two processors.
  • Become familiar with ready-to-use software provided by TI, as well as tools that speed up development.
  • You get to build a real working video/audio system and still be home for dinner and the kids. 

Visit for more details, view the book contents, read the introduction, and order your free copy (bottom left hand corner of the page)

12 Replies

  • Hello Sir,

    I am starting my work on davinci processor (DM369) now.

    As i am new to this will be helpful if i get a copy of this book either a pdf or a link .When i go to the provided link its redirecting to somewhere else.

    Can u provide the right link?

    Thanks and Regards,

    Sanath Rai

  • In reply to sanath rai:

    To be candid, I suggest looking at a newer processor like the AM5708.  It is more capable (in general) than the DM369 and the software is being actively maintained as part of Processor SDK Linux.

    I did some searching online and found some books for sale on this site:

    I've not shopped from that site before, so I'm not necessarily endorsing it.  However, if you really want the book, that was the only place I saw it available.  We cannot provide a pdf of the book due to publishing agreements.