On the run on DM642 NDK, DHCPS service can not start problem.

I meet a problem, use DM642 evaluation board, running NDK, DHCP Server can't start, the program to run after the report returns to failed, Telnet, HTTP start, I tested NDK1.7, NDK1.9, NDK2.0, are the same results, test procedures for NDK routines ( in NDK2.0 there is complete without need to modify the routine), running environment based on datasheet to illustrate the use of the newer version. Compiler program without error, ccs3.3.81, CGT6.1.16, BIOS5.41.55. May I ask what is the place of issue? DM642 does not support DHCP Server? Or give tips may be where the problem is? Thank you thank you thank you