Getting Started with DaVinci

A good starting point for the Davinci™ digital media processors is DVEVM and DVSDK overview.

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  • Here are some good getting started links from a much older post:

    DaVinci Technology Developers Wiki (great articles on DaVinci topics) --

    Spectrum Digital Support Pages (low level hardware documentation on various Davinci EVM boards) --

    Linux Community for DaVinci Processors (open source software downloads) --

    DaVinci Linux Open Source Mailing List --

    DaVinci Technology Page (links to device specific documentation) --

    DaVinci EVM Registration Page (register your EVM and access software updates, applies to EVMs for DM6446, DM6437, DM648, DM355, and DM6467) --


    If you have more useful links that could be added please make a post :)

    EDIT: Adding in a link to the Davinci workshop which is now publicly posted on the Wiki -

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    A bit narrow, but very handy for sorting out uboot and bootargs:

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    I have doubt regarding building of project in dm6446-DVEM2.0...

    I am using codec engine.I want to know what is the right processure to create a simple projecf where i want to take speech data through mic.I want to store it on DDR2 ram just that much!! which header files i should refer to and sample codes i can refer??????

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    DM6446 'encode' demo included in dvsdk should take input from a MIC and encoded in g.711; however, if you look at the demo source code, you have access to the audio buffer (stored in DDR2) and can choose to send it to g.711 encoder or write it to a file, ....

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    Linux DaVinci information catalog

    Embedded Linux Consulting:
    Linux and TI DaVinci Technology Portal:

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    I can run encode, decode and interface demos. However, When I copy 'encodedecode' directory in the same folder renaming 'test1' and make changes to 'config' files  paths and 'make' file Istill get error like " make: *** No rule to make target `test1.cfg', needed by `test1_config/compiler.opt'.  Stop." What am I doing wrong?

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    some of the build scripts assume the same name as the directory for certain files (e.g. encodedecode_config, encodedecode.cfg), you will need to rename these as well.  What I normally do is copy the original demos into a different directory and make the original demo directory my working directory; this avoids many headaches such as the one you are running into.

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    Thanks it worked out well! I tried both approaches

    1. Renaming contents in the scripts and renaming the file names (there were several files and numerous script changes in replica of 'encodedecode' folder). Took me like 20 -25 minutes to do this. I wish I could get a good 'replace in files' program in Ubuntu (notepad++???). [:Y]

    2. Easier approach of preserving demo's directory - 'acts like master / reference' directory. Then making replica directory 'working' directory without name/script content changes!

    Its better to be a fool for a minute rather than being foolish and ignorant for rest of the career![*-)]

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    Sorry, I am posting this question as a reply since I could not start a new thread.

    I was trying to get started on building the DVSDK demo. The getting started guide that came with the kit (DM6467), mentions about editing the Rules.make file (in section 4.6 of the getting started guide) and modify certain env variables.e.g PLATFORM etc.

    I found several of these already in place.

    I found several discrepancies between what is stated on the guide and what is already there in this file.
    for e.g. the guide says to point EXEC_DIR to "....."/$(platform)
    but the rules.make already has en entry for this variable which does not end in the "$platform". Are we supposed to edit and add it at the end ?
    Also a few other paths are different eg. the
    LINUXKERNEL_INSTALL_DIR=/opt/mv_pro_4.0.1/montavista/pro/devkit/lsp/ti-davinci/linux-2.6.10_mvl401_LSP_01_30_00_082 in the rules.make
    but the starting guide says it should be set to .... /<home/ useracct>/..... etc.

    Is the starting guide (hard copy I got EVM) incorrect ?)

    I also got the link
     I am unsure as to what updates form here that I really need for a "basic" getting started and building the demos.

    Any help/advice would be appreciated.