Lucas Kanade optic flow

Hello every one,

I have got a question about how to use the "VLIB_trackFeaturesLucasKanade_7x7" function.

I have two successive images of 160 x 160 pixels from a video camera.

I detect the good features to track using VLIB function : "VLIB_harrisScore_7x7"

That work fine.

But after I want to track the points using the Lucas-Kanade method and I same results in outx and x, and outy and y.

But when I try with OPENCV on PC computer I use the Harris VLIB function for corner detection and Lucas-Kanade OPENCV function that work fine.

In the OPENCV function, they use a pyramid image.

Did anyone has an idea how to use correctly the "VLIB_trackFeaturesLucasKanade_7x7" function

Thanks a lot


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