Our industry-leading processors are now available with secure-boot capabilities

Are your worried about the security of your embedded system?  Don’t be. Today, we announced developers now have a new level of protection against unauthorized reading of intellectual property and sensitive data in our C6748 digital signal processors (DSPs) and OMAP-L138 DSP + ARM® processors. The secure boot capability on these processors protects proprietary intellectual property and prevents external entities from modifying custom algorithms, making them ideal for applications such as public safety communications and medical monitoring equipment. With multi-level encryption, developers also have the ability to upgrade their boot and application code remotely while allowing the boot to remain secure when software upgrades are needed.


For less than one dollar more from non-secure embedded processors, these secure-boot-enabled processors offer much more functionality. Production pricing starts at $21.40 per 1,000 units (1ku) for the OMAP-L138 DSP + ARM processor and $18 per 1ku for the C6748 DSP.


Make sure you are protected today. Let us know what you think about these secure-boot-enabled processors.


For more information on these processors, check out www.ti.com


Joy Ji

TI Product Marketing Manager