Connecting a third ADC to OMAP-L138. Where?


I'm currently investigating a way to connect a third ADC to the OMAP-L138. I already have 2 ADC (16 bits) connected to the uPP channels, so that can't be used. At first I had in mind a simple SPI ADC connected to a SPI port of the OMAP (and DMA), but after investigation, I found out that it would not really be possible to avoid CPU actions since I don't seem to have a perfect automated control of the SPI chip-select (the ADC I found were using the SCLK for sampling and communication, so the final sampling rate is controlled by the CS).

Then I investigated the McBSP and just found out that maybe VPIF could do it (parallel though). Since this is my first desgin with the OMAP-L138, I though I would ask the community on which option is the best and what is usually used.

My sampling rate is fixed and will be 1M, I prefer serial but can go parallel. I want to use DMA. It's a 12bits ADC.


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