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AM1808 - Compatibility With OMAP L138

Hi There,

This is regarding - Compatibility between AM1808 and OMAP L138.

It is said that,  AM1808 and OMAP L138 are Pin to Pin and Software compatible - Thus Can any body address following items :

1. "Having Software and Pin Compatible"Does it mean that any board designed around AM1808 will work as is [without any changes] with OMAP L138 by just replacing AM1808 by OMAP L138?

2. If answer for # 1 is YES - I don't have any query but if NO Then -

 2.1 What are the things must be taken care or  provision must be there on board to make a board compatible for both AM1808 and L138

 2.2 Is there any document available from TI which shows the changes required for replacing from AM1808 with OMAP L138 and vice-a-versa ?


Thanks & Regards,

Rizwan Hirani