How to port the Android on OMAP-L138?

I recently saw a video about  OMAP-L138 supported Android,I'd like to know whether TI  offers the android sdk or tools?How can I get the android material about OMAP-L138?Thanks for your answer!

  • Yes. Please start from here:

    Note, AM18x is compatible with OMAPL13x


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    I'm trying to follow the guideline on

    However the command

    $ curl > ~/bin/repo

    always gives timeout. Is the Android support for the device closed or moved to another link?

    Thanks for your help.

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    The repo utility has moved. You can use the following commands to download repo:

    $ curl > ~/bin/repo
    $ chmod a+x ~/bin/repo

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    Thank you. I made the setup for my device. My device is OMAP-L138 EVM and as far I know, AM1808 and OMAP-L138 is compatible, hence the same procedures should apply for OMAP-L138 too.

    However, when I power on the board, it continues until decompressing the kernel, then stops there. Below is the output on the terminal screen for my problem. Could you help me about this?

    OMAP-L138 initialization passed!
    Booting TI User Boot Loader
            UBL Version: 1.65
            UBL Flashtype: SPI
    Starting SPI Memory Copy...
    Valid magicnum, 0x55424CBB, found at offset 0x00010000.
    Jumping to entry point at 0xC1080000.
    MMC:   davinci: 0
    SF: Detected M25P64 with page size 256, total 8 MiB
    *** Warning - bad CRC, using default environment

    In:    serial
    Out:   serial
    Err:   serial
    ARM Clock : 300000000 Hz
    DDR Clock : 150000000 Hz
    SF: Detected M25P64 with page size 256, total 8 MiB
    Invalid MAC address read.
    Net:   Ethernet PHY: GENERIC @ 0x00
    Hit any key to stop autoboot:  0
    U-Boot > mmc rescan 0
    U-Boot > fatload mmc 0 c0700000 uImage
    reading uImage

    2183716 bytes read
    U-Boot > sf probe 0
    SF: Detected M25P64 with page size 256, total 8 MiB
    8192 KiB M25P64 at 0:0 is now current device
    U-Boot > sf erase C0000 300000
    U-Boot > sf write C0700000 C0000 300000
    U-Boot > setenv bootcmd 'sf probe 0; sf read C0700000 C0000 300000; bootm c0700000'
    U-Boot > setenv bootargs 'init=/init console=ttyS2,115200n8 ip=off rw root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rootfstype=ext3 rootwait mem=128M mpurate=450 androidboot.console=ttyS2'
    U-Boot > boot
    SF: Detected M25P64 with page size 256, total 8 MiB
    8192 KiB M25P64 at 0:0 is now current device
    ## Booting kernel from Legacy Image at c0700000 ...
       Image Name:   Linux-2.6.32
       Image Type:   ARM Linux Kernel Image (uncompressed)
       Data Size:    2183652 Bytes = 2.1 MiB
       Load Address: c0008000
       Entry Point:  c0008000
       Verifying Checksum ... OK
       Loading Kernel Image ... OK

    Starting kernel ...

    Uncompressing Linux............................................................................................................................................... done, booting the kernel.

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    Hi Abdullah,

    could you solve that issue? I came exactly to the same point as you booting Android. Anyway the Linux boot problems mentioned here

    don't seem to be the reason for the behaviour - you use the correct ttyS2.

    With best regards



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    Hi Christian,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I couldn't have found a solution yet. Maybe a kernel modification is required. AM1808 could be compatible with OMAP-L138 but does it mean that they have exactly the same architecture? 

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    Hi Abdullah,

    I guess the processor chechsum is wrong, so Linux won't boot the kernel. The AM1808 is not identical to the OMAL-L138 and does show a different signature probably.

    Maybe this kernel issue can be checked  (but not resolved) as setting



    is the configuration, see:!topic/pandaboard/mpTHrfIHZKM


    I didn't dig deeper int this issue but I will do if I can find the time again (this won't happen soon unfortunately). I guess the kernel has to hbe hacked or recompiled for the right architecture that isn't supported by Froyo Android probably.

    By the way, are you Abdullah who coauthored this very nice and helpfult document: ?

    This is really a good starting point! By the way I'm lacking the files for the Linux SD card, it didn't come with the experimenter board. I can run the Linux version from the OMAP-L138 LCDK on the experimenter as well but this don't give me the GUI.

    Do you know a method where I could obrain the files for the SD card from?

    With best regards


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    Hi Abdullah,

    this issue is solved. See the tread

    With best regards


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    At first, thanks for your help. I'm also glad you liked the manual.

    I suggest you checking the website of Logic PD which is the manufacturer of the board:

    Also, you can find the prebuilt kernel and a tarball root filesystem in TI DVSDK for OMAP-L138 for a quick setup.