OMAP L138, Communication between DSP core and ARM Core?


We are using OMAP L138 processor for one our project, We know OMAP has both ARM and DSP core in it, I have few doubts about how those two core communicates,

Those doubts are

1) How does the ARM and DSP core communicates with each other? is it any protocol interface between this two core like I2C or SPI?

2) If it  is any customized protocol interface is there between those two what is the flow to communicate with each core?

3) Can you please give me a description about how ARM core can instruct  DSP core to run a DSP application and acknowledge process between DSP core and ARM core?

4) What are all the possible way to  communicate between  with each core?

can you please clarify all the above doubts to me, This could help me  a lot to finish my project.

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  • You can find information about this in next link

    all other links related to RPMsg are mentioned in this link

    and how RPMsg-Syslink is used in Ducati for Dummies link

    Like a comment, for what I have read in each processor has its own TI solution for multi-core development, the last time I got to the conclusion that the system used for C6000 is very good.

    I found next link about OMAPL138,

    Suggestion, like each processor has its own way to communicate between cores it is better to check how it is done for OMAP L138, you must find related information in or posting in respective forum.

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