Slowing down uPP transfer rate

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I am using OMAP-L138 EVM which uses uPP to transfer data from ADS901. uPP transfer rate is so fast i.e. it takes only 17 CPU cycle to transfer X amount of data which doesn't let me process the data in real-time because processing takes longer than transfering it from uPP. I tried transfering different amount of data but it takes same amount of time i.e. 17 CPU cycle. I am wondering how can I slow down the uPP transfer rate according to my requirement ?

Thank for your help.

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    Any help on this ?

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    Hey BAS,

      Not sure I follow your question, but if you want to "slow down" UPP transfers,  you can modify the UPPICR register (refer to Section 33.3.5 in SPRUH77A.pdf), specifcially bit 8 in this register.

      Hope this helps. Are you using Linux for your O/S on the OMAP?

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    uPP I/O speeds up to 75 MHz with 8-16 bit data width per channel. I don't know the current speed of uPP in my system. As i mentioned earlier, it takes only 17 CPU cycle to transfer 1024 data point. I want to know how can I decrease the speed so that it takes more than 17 CPU cycle.

    The specific bit you mentioned in UPICR register can be used to divide down the clock if channel A is used in TRANSMIT mode where as I am using channel A in RECEIVE mode.

    I am using windows 7 for OMAP-L138.

    Any help ?


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    BAS ,

    a) Just reminding in case you missed . When the channel is configured in receive mode the CLOCK in not under control of UPP device .

         It is decided by PERIPHERAL DEVICE CLOCK. So in RECEIVE mode you have to slow the peripheral device which will in turn the UPP channel working 

         in receive mode .

    b) Can you please let us know if you are using the default sample code available form TI or any thing else. 


        BUT NOW I AM SUPPOSED TO WORK FROM DSP SIDE .....on which i have never worked.

        So if you can please tell me from where you are using the sample  and how to compile it !!!!!!!!


    Ashish Mishra


    Thank You,

    Ashish Kumar Mishra 

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    Ashish Mishra,

    a. Do you know how can I change Peripheral Device Clock to control the UPP clock ?

    b. I am using BSL based UPP example code which can be found on Logic PD webpage.


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    Hi BAS, 

     As per my experience you cant control the clock of peripheral connected to UPP

     In case we are missing any point i would like to share my expr. 

    1. I am having UPP connected to FPGA [XILINX]

    2. Channel A is configured in TRANSMIT mode and Channel B in receive mode 

    3. The clock frequency [Output clock]  of channel A is what i am controlling .

        In case of channel A transmitting , UPP acts like MASTER and FPGA acts like SLAVE.Slave will synchronize with master[UPP] clock. 

    4. For channel B in RECEIVE mode , the clock of channel B is not under my control.It is Controlled by FPGA.

        Hence in RECEPTION mode FPGA acts like MASTER and UPP acts like SLAVE

    5. Also in either case SLAVE will get 1/4th [Single Data Rate] or 1/8th [Double Data Rate] of MASTER clock


        Hence it the MASTER who have to control his clocking frequency. 

    Hope it helps .Also if you think my understanding is wrong or i am missing , FEEL FREE TO CORRECT ME .................. 


    Ashish Mishra


    Thank You,

    Ashish Kumar Mishra