Linux/AM1705: interface SDCARD with AM1705

Part Number: AM1705

Tool/software: Linux


I'm using  "AM1705" at the moment, on which Linux version "2.6.33" OS is running. I created ramdisk file by myself hence might be possible I'm missing so many important files. I have connected my SDCARD to the "MMCSD" port. so I want to know how can I access or use SDCARD for file writing and reading purpose at UI level[command line interface].

as I'm not very familiar with Linux OS and its's interface mechanism so I request you to guide me with as smallest details as possible.  also, I'm having some doubt like whether it will appear as the interfaced device in /root/dev or as like normal directory in the particular folder which we can access using file system[similar to HDD interface in PC system eg: root/media/HDDname].

are there any sample codes or link which I can refer to understand the function and working principle in a better way.

thanks and regards.

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  • Hi,

    The SD card should appear in both /dev/sdX.
    If you wish to simply copy a file to your sdcard then, you need to mount it in /media/<sdcard_label> and then use:
    cp <path/to/file>/<filename> /media/<sdcard_label>

    If you wish to write a bootable image to your sdcard with dd, then you should use:
    dd bs=4M if=<file>.img of=/dev/sdX conv=fsync

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  • In reply to Yordan Kovachev:

    hi Yordan,

    I searched it everywhere but it's not appearing in any directory. there are only a few basic files and directories which were predefined while mounting the RAMDISK file which I am using at the moment.
    as I took some files like uImage from the online portal. hence I'm still unable to figure out the exact issue with my project.

    so do I need to explicitly define it in ramdisk file or there are some issues with my uImage file(as I took it from Internet, maybe the person who created doesn't require SDCARD feature in it, hence he simply neglected this option)? if so, are there any already created uImage, ramdisk file which I can use it..?

    please go through the screenshot of /root/dev, /root/media/ I'm tagging along this message.
    as you can see there are no /root/dev/sdX node files and there is no directory of SDCARD in /root/media/MSDC (my sd card label is MSDC). but there are some node files name mmcblk0 and so on which might be for accessing micro sd card. if yes, then please guide me how to access it.

    and I only want to use SDCARD for reading and writing purpose.

    thanks and regards