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Linux/AM1705: Interfacing SD card with AM1705 in Linux

Part Number: AM1705

Tool/software: Linux


I'm using  AM1705 with Linux version "2.6.33" running on it. I have connected my SDCARD to the "MMCSD" port.

I'm stuck on the following questions.

1. How can I access or use SDCARD for File writing and Reading purpose at UI level ? [command line interface].

2. Whether SD card will appear as interfaced device in /root/dev or like any normal directory which can be accessed via file system ? (Just like HDD interface in PC system : root/media/HDDname)

3. Do i need to change my uImage file ? Are there any complete uImage file available that i can refer? 

I've  created the Ramdisk file by myself so there might be a possibility that I may be missing some important files. Need guidance on this too.

I'm not very familiar with Linux OS and its's interface. 

Can anyone guide me with the basics and point me in the right direction along with the guidance on the above problems? Any external links to get my concepts and working principle  clear will also be appreciable.

Thank you.