Hawkboard Issues - TI Annoucement


TI is aware of the instability problems that many customers are experiencing with the current HawkBoard and is working actively to solve the problem. Unfortunately, the current HawkBoard does not follow TI’s recommended layout recommendations. Even after trying Innovate Solutions’ proposed solution, the boards in our possession are still exhibiting problems

Therefore, due to design instabilities, TI does not recommend the design of the current HawkBoard. We do not recommend new customers order the current HawkBoard.

TI is currently doing a root cause analysis. We hope to update the community with a new HawkBoard design that is TI recommended and supports the earlier HawkBoard software. We hope to engage a new manufacturer for this new HawkBoard in the near future.

TI has many customers that are in production with OMAP-L138 and the AM1808 processors. We advise our customers to follow our design specifications. We also offer a schematic review for your convenience.

For the time being, for a known good design, we suggest starting with our recommended development platform, the LogicPD Experimenter/EVM: http://www.logicpd.com/products/development-kits/zoom-omap-l138-experimenter-kit.Although the LogicPD board does not support DDR2, we have used a separate vendor to prove the use of DDR2 on the AM1808 and the OMAP-L138. Although not officially recommended as the development platform of choice, and not open for order entry, we do refer customers to the schematics found here: http://support.spectrumdigital.com/boards/evmam1808/revb/ for a known good DDR2 layout.

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly so that I may help you get the necessary support to continue your project. 


Best Regards,

Huy Pham
OMAP-L138 Marketing Manager

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