Standard template library vector class on the DSP side of the OMAP-L138 bug?

Has anyone used the standard template library vector class on the DSP side of the OMAP-L138?

I have a large memory intensive algorithm that is being adapted from a corresponding MATLAB
program and up til now have been using STL vector with success, albeit the expected performance
hit. At the moment speed is not as important as algorithmic correctness.

I have just discovered that at a certain point in my algorithm during the instantiation of
a vector object the memory that is occupied by the vector object conflicts (lies on top of) of a previously
allocated vector object. The heap does not appear to be exhausted as I have set aside approx 12 Mbyte for the
heap in the DSP-BIOS configuration and the returned address for the object appears to indicate that only about 1Mbyte has been utilized
at the time of the strange behavior.

I am using tool chain version 6.1.9 under Code Composer Studio v. 3.3

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this in use of the vector class or if this is known behavior and there is a remedy.