Getting started with OMAP3

A good starting point for the OMAP3™ platforms is OMAP3 Overview

For OMAPL1 / C674x check out Category:OMAPL1.

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  • The links are temporarily down. please check back on Tuesday, May 12.

  • Here are some good links to get started from a much older post (OMAP3 specific as only OMAP3 was available at the time):

    OMAP35x Home Page (links to various hardware specific OMAP documents) -- (low cost OMAP35x based board targeted at the open source community) --

    OMAP35x EVM from Mistral (documentation and FAQs specific to the EVM board) --

    OMAP35x EVM Registration Page (register your EVM and access the OMAP35x software updates) -- and are also a valuable resources. is great for learning about Codec Engine, which will be made available for the OMAP3525/OMAP3530 processors this year.

    If you have more useful links that could be added please make a post :)

    EDIT: Adding in a link to the OMAP/Davinci workshop which is now publicly posted on the Wiki -

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    You can find general beagleboard info, SD Card Images for Ubuntu and Angstrom

  • Hi,

    I think the most excited starting is TEXAS INSTRUMENTS Manuals ...... it is simple to understand and supported by the samples that cover all functionality of the OMAP35x

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    hello, how to start TrustZone development on OMAP Platform ? can we use the beagleBoard to develop TEE? Thanks!