I'm working on LogicPD Zoom Dev Kit with TI OMAP3530 (SOM Module by LogicPD). To be particular, working on Camera Serial Interface (CSI). I am able to stream camera at QVGA resolution successfully. But when I capture STILL at resolution greater than 1280X720, there occurs 'Data Abort' exception from various process. Once exception received from my camera application, sometimes from explorer.exe and some times from NK.exe.

Following are information about BSP version and OS used.
    1. WINCE6.0R3
    2. BSP 2.1.0 from LogicPD
I'm allocating memory of size 5M (YUYV) using  HalAllocateCommonBuffer while the camera driver loads. Memory allocation succeeds without any issue. Same buffer is used for PREVIEW and for STILL. While taking STILL all required configuration on ISP and CSI block are done. Once CSI2 is enabled, accessing to the allocated buffer creates 'Data Abort' exception. I have tried accessing that buffer before enabling CSI2, no exception occurs. I have even tried separate buffer for PREVIEW and STILL,  no luck.
Can anyone please provide idea on what may be reason for random 'Data Abort' that occurs for higher resolution?

Thank You

Sathya Kumar P