Hello all,

I am using an android device running v. 2.3 which has an OMAP 3630 processor (unknown baseband processor)

I want to be able to issue AT commands to the GPRS /GSM modem using this methodology:




cat /dev/pts/7 &  
-e $1\\r > /dev/pts/7

Here's the output in adb shell:

# ./sendATCommand "at+cops?"
./sendATCommand "at+cops?"
+COPS: 0,0,"AT&T",6

/dev/pts/7: invalid length
(need to press ENTER to return control to adb shell)


From TI's website I see that the OMAP 3630 communicates to th emodem using either USB.

How can i communicate to the modem through the linux terminal, or possibly access the modem driver?

I have already tried this cat / echo method on al lthe tty devices with no luck.