unable to open the mpeg4 encoder

HI all


I have integrated the mpeg4 encoder with the codec server. But when i am running the it i am getting can not open encoder error

i run as :CE_DEBUG=2 ./app.xv5T


and the error is like below

 ti.sdo.ce.video1.VIDDEC2 - VIDDEC2_create> Enter  (engine=0x286d0, name='viddec2_copy', params=0x0)
CV - VISA_create(0x286d0, 'mpeg4dec', 0x0, 0 x2484, 'ti.sdo.ce.video2.IVIDDEC2')
CV - VISA_create2(0x286d0, 'mpeg4dec', 0x0, 0x0, 0x2484, 'ti.sdo.ce.video2.IVIDDEC2') 
CE - Engine_getConstName> Unable to locate alg " mpeg4dec" (type "ti.sdo.ce.video2.IVIDDEC2").
CV - VISA_create2> Unable to locate alg "mpeg4dec".
I am using dvsdk_3_00_02_04/codec_engine_2_24
OMAP3530 processor

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