CCS5 CSL for C6455

Is there an updated Chip Support Library for the C6455 that can be built under Code Composer 5?  The latest version I could find is and I notice the release notes and build .bat files are all referring to Code Composer 3 paths.  Thanks!

  • No, sorry, that work was completed long before CCS 5 or even before CCS 4.  I'm a bit hazy now on the details.  Is the batch file simply calling timake.exe for a pjt file?  If that's the case you should be able to import the corresponding pjt project in CCS 5.


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    The batch file for building the C6455 big endian has this in it:

    gmake -f Makefile CGTOOLS=ti C64XX_DERIVATIVE=c6455 CORE=c64plus BUILD=release TARGET=c6455 BIG_ENDIAN=1 CSL3X_ROOT_DIR=%CSL3X_ROOT_DIR%\csl_c6455_src %1
    @echo off
    if cleanall EQU %1 goto DONE
    @echo "Copying Lib file to folder %CSL3X_ROOT_DIR%\csl_c6455\lib"
    copy /V /Y %CSL3X_ROOT_DIR%\csl_c6455_src\csl_c6455e.lib %CSL3X_ROOT_DIR%\csl_c6455\lib

    @echo on

    The makefile seems to have lots of dependancies on the directory hierarchy that existed in CCS 3.  I think it would need to be totally re-done.  Does this mean TI is no longer supporting a Chip Support Lib for devices such as the C6455? 





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    I don't share your conclusions looking at the makefile you posted.  I see zero dependencies on CCS 3.3...  In fact, I just grabbed the CSL and built it without any issue.  Here's what I did:

    1. Extracted CSL to a directory called C:\ti\c6000\csl_c6455_03.00.10.02 on my computer.
    2. Opened a command prompt to that directory.
    3. Ran command "set CSL3X_ROOT_DIR=%CD%", i.e. such that CSL3X_ROOT_DIR=C:\ti\c6000\csl_c6455_03.00.10.02
    4. Make sure that gmake is already on your path.  Install/add if not.  When I run "gmake -v" mine indicates GNU Make 3.81.
    5. Add a c6000 compiler to your path.  I used the one inside CCS 5.1 by executing "set PATH=%PATH%;C:\ccs_5.1.0\ccsv5\tools\compiler\c6000\bin".
    6. Now execute "cd csl_c6455_src".
    7. Now execute "build_c6455e.bat" (or whichever one you want to build).


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    just put the .h and .lib in compiler/c6000/inc and use it!

    there is no problem to use the old csl in ccs5.

    u should know ccs is just a framework ,the most important thing is the .exe file such as hex6x.exe and so on.